Photo: Franco Vogt


“Music was always a big part of my life—all my cousins, aunts, and uncles lived in the same town, and everyone played or sang. Whenever there was a birthday party or a life event, someone would be the musical director. They’d put together a show, and we all had to be in it. We would write songs and perform them for the guest of honor. It was a blast!”

No surprise, then, that Caigan would eventually take on the creative task of studio and live event production.


As a record producer, some of Caigan’s work highlights are Jason Downs “The Spin” on Jive Records, Bari Koral’s “Confessions of an Indie Girl,” Kari Spieler (of Swear and Shake) on “Debut Self-Titled Album,” Tyburn Saints “For The Benefit of Strangers,” and The Jukebox Romantics’ “A Lion and a Guy.”


In the live music production realm, Caigan set up a studio at The Colony in Woodstock in the fall of 2013, where he produced live events and recorded most of them.


“We did 80 shows in a year; I was booking, doing sound, and offering live recordings of the shows. It was a great run. I was then offered, and took the job, to manage Bearsville Theater in Woodstock. We brought top tier talent to the Hudson Valley for 2015, another great run.”


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