“I’ve been a drummer since I was a child. My mom was a classical pianist. I spent hours underneath the piano listening to her practice. As struggling teenagers, my friends and I would play music all day. We’d cut class and go to someone’s house to play. It really helped us to get through things.”


Photo: Franco Vogt

As a drummer, Pete has toured with Arms, Bari Koral, and The Visitors, and has performed on studio recordings with Jason Downs, Kari Spieler, Arms, Sean Lathrop, and Ben Vita.


He took drum lessons as a kid with Nick Mangini at The Westchester Conservatory of Music. At 19 he began studying music performance with Leo Smith and classical composition with Joan Tower at Bard College in upstate New York. A move to Woodstock after graduating in 1993 put him in the right place to be drumming professionally. He also maintained a busy teaching schedule privately, for the Drum School and at Millbrook Day School.


Pete played fewer drum gigs in the early 2000s while he was busy in the studio recording and producing. A few years ago he decided he wanted to be playing more shows again. “I busted my ass, planted myself in the drum shed, got my vibe and my juice back. I’ve gotten very busy again as a drummer, which is great.”


In 2017 Pete performed with The Flash Band, The Relatives, Rennie Cantine, The Jealous Fates, Reggie Earls and the Hudson Valley Pearls, The Colony Cats, and Simi Stone with Philip Marshall. Check Pete’s social media for current performance schedule.


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