“The sonics of a space make a huge impact on how people feel when they’re there. Whether it’s a nightclub, restaurant, recording studio or wherever, it’s not subtle. It’s a big deal and people can feel the difference.”

Pete Caigan’s expertise in all-things-auditory translates into a niche talent—that of designing and installing state-of-the-art acoustic systems into venues and studios, large and small. Good, crisp, adequate sound is crucial to a performance and recording space, as any musician will tell you. Caigan can make recommendations and build a system and acoustic treatments from the ground up. Check out the acoustics at the Senate Garage in Kingston, New York, and the sound system at The Colony in Woodstock. He also helped design and install the audio system at Darryl Jenifer’s Soldier Studios in the Hudson Valley, and most recently Pete did the sound system design and sound treatment design and installs for  Pearl Moon in Woodstock.


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